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Using Visitor Tracking Software in Commercial Buildings

One cannot deny the importance of having an effective visitor management system for their facility. Well, starting from schools to business organizations or commercial buildings is concerned about the security of their premises as well as of their staffs. Installation of CCTV cameras is not enough for ensuring the safety and protection of the assets. Well, the CCTV may be able to capture the picture of the visitor who is visiting their premise, but may fail to provide complete identity of the visitor. This is where the visitor tracking software or visitor management software can prove to be very helpful.

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What Is Visitor Management Software?

Visitor Management System (VMS) is a kind of software that effectively manages to track down the visitors who are visiting the facility. In fact, it helps in easing down the registration of the visitors who is visiting the facility. Gone are the days of waiting in long lines for registering the entry of the visitors in the visitor log books.

How It Works?

Technological advancements have made the visitor registration and visitor approval very easy. The design of visitor tracking software is designed in such a way that the visitor before entering the commercial building needs to show their driver’s license or other identity cards. If the visitor details matched with the database details or visitors, they are provided entry. On the other hand, if a new visitor is visiting a building or a premise then he/she needs to scan their driver’s license and enter their personal details. Once completed, the visitors are provided with a time-limited entry badge.

Well, the badges are needed to be used for checking out from the premise. Knowing the check-in time is equally important as the check-out time on order to handle any kind of emergency situations.

How It Helps?

Visitor tracking software being web based is very easy to use by the security staffs. Apart from capturing the photo of the visitors it also obtain other vital information of the visitors by scanning their driver’s license. The records get saved in the system database that is often used for future references.

Tracking & Monitoring Visitors

The best thing about the VMS is that, it can even track the whereabouts, of the visitor at any given point of time. Not only that, it can even warn the security staff by sending them alerts when a visitor tries to enter a restricted area. In fact, by monitoring the visitors can help organizations to come up with preventive measures for handling emergencies.

Restricting Intruders

The visitor tracking software can help organizations to keep out intruders from entering the premise. VMS often comes with a watch list feature that can improve security measures.

Offering Entry Pass Only On Approval

Security officials of commercial buildings can confirm from the concerned organization, if any person is going to visit them. If they get a nod from the concerned body they can provide the visitors with security badges.

If you are looking forward to enhancing the security strategy of your building facility, you can plan to introduce a visitor tracking software. The software not only tracks the visitors but can improve the security of the people or assets by many folds.

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